The District of Columbia is a unique marketplace that more and more professionals and families are becoming attracted to. With a plethora of new development projects, to include: hi-tech condominium projects and savvy single-family home rehabilitations, Washington, DC has become one of the nation's most preferred cities to live in.

Cosmopolitan Properties Real Estate Brokerage is a full-service Real Estate Firm that specializes in: Residential and Commercial Sales, Real Estate Development and Property Management. The firm is unique in that it fosters local real estate business relationships in an effort to provide clients with real time market forecasts and updates. It is this stringent relationship building and market research that helps our clients to make intelligent decisions about their real estate investments. 

Service is the one word that describes how Cosmopolitan cents it's business concepts around. Cosmopolitan believes strongly in good old-fashion service. We strive to provide a high level of service and professionalism to all of our clients. We realize that once we have been hired to provide a service, excellent credibility is what's going to keep us alive. It is important to us that you remain not only our client of today, but our client for LIFE. We value each and everyone of our clients.

Located in the heart of the Florida Ave. - Rhode Island Ave. Corridor, Cosmopolitan prides itself with its elite team of experienced Real Estate Professionals. With over 20 years of collective experience, Cosmopolitan represents an impeccable level of professional service that is unparallelled in this industry. We believe so strongly in our ability to serve, that our service is warranted by a 100% guarantee.



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414 Florida Ave NW, Suite B, Washington, DC 20001

Servicing Maryland, the District of Columbia. and Virginia